Why Interrailing is Becoming a Popular Holiday Choice For Many

Interrailing is a special type of rail travel that is available to all European residents. An interrail pass gives the holder nearly unlimited train and ferry travel on services and networks across the continent.

It has proved to be an incredibly popular way to travel for young people and the number of interrailers seems to be constantly increasing. Why is it so popular? What does it offer that other forms of travel don’t? Let’s find out.

It’s Exciting

There’s an undeniable romance about the idea of intercontinental rail travel. It’s a callback to days gone by and feels more rustic and traditional than traveling by air. You can visit an incredible number of countries in a short period of time, making for an action-packed trip that’s sure to be filled with new sights and experiences.

However, in amongst the excitement it’s always important to stay safe. Medical services can be hard to access in foreign countries, so if you were to need assistance you could have trouble seeking help or face substantial bills. The best way to protect yourself is to book travel insurance before you go. Take a look at Staysure’s travel insurance options, they have a number of coverage deals with cover for medical expenses and for lost baggage or cancelled connections, perfect for your interrailing adventure.

It’s Flexible

One of the most often cited benefits of an interrailing holiday is the unparalleled flexibility it can offer. With air travel, you are bound by departure times and delays, often having to spend hours waiting around in the airport and killing time. If you were to miss a flight, the results could be catastrophic. Your holiday could be over before it had even begun, or you could find yourself stranded in a foreign country.

With interrailing, these problems disappear entirely. Trains are fast, reliable, and regular. If you miss your connecting train to your next destination, no need to worry, just hop on the next one. Similarly, if you decide to leave somewhere earlier than planned, there’s no need to cancel and rebook travel arrangements, just head to the station, and jump on a train.

The Scenery

Taking off in a plane can be exciting. There’s an undeniable thrill as you see the city disappear below you. However, planes often travel at heights of over 30,000 feet. Once you’re that high up, you’re going to see nothing but clouds. If you’re flying at night, you’ll see nothing at all.

Not so with interrailing. Travelling through Europe by train will give you the chance to get a unique perspective on some of the continent’s most breathtaking scenery. It could be through the Swiss alps, or through German forest, or along the coastlines of the Adriatic Sea, the views you’ll see on an interrailing trip are unlike anything else.

It’s Affordable

Perhaps the biggest reason why interrailing is so popular, especially among young people, is its affordability. With an interrailing pass you could theoretically visit a total of 33 countries all with the same travel ticket. If you were to attempt this by plane, you’d be looking at spending a hefty sum. Interrailing offers a totally unique way of travel at an incredibly affordable price, making it perfect for travelers of all ages and backgrounds.


Many people might assume that traveling by plane is the superior choice. While yes, it is fast and convenient, it can also be stressful and leave people feeling rushed and anxious. Interrailing is an increasingly popular choice for European holidaymakers. It has all kinds of benefits, it’s exciting, flexible, and very affordable.