Beautifully Lit Bungalow Wins This Year’s Festive Lights Competition

Steve and Lyndsay Dunning’s bungalow on Elizabeth Road are the winners of this year’s Herald Festive Light Trail competition.

Their bungalow is beautifully lit with icicle dangling lights and stars and their display includes a large decorated Christmas tree and a reindeer.

Last year’s winner Nick Roberts was the judge this year.  He said, “We really liked the reindeer, the stars and the fact that you had decorated the tree all the way round.  The whole thing is really really nice and our two kids loved it too.”

The winners won a hamper from Henley Larder.  Owner Zoe Ferreira said, “Congratulations to Steve and Lyndsay on their magical lights.  I wanted to support this again this year as it such a lovely thing and somehow even more meaningful with all that’s going on.”

It took Steve a day and half to put all the lights up. He commented, “We’ve always had lights on the tree but as the years have gone by the tree got bigger and bigger and now it so high I look down on the bungalow when I’m putting the lights at the top. For years I put a star on the top on a stick so that when you came from each corner it looked like the star was floating above the tree.  I did wonder whether anybody really noticed but then suddenly a couple of years ago people starting stopping and commenting.  We’re not really worried about the running costs as we switch them off at midnight and they are all LED lights so they are quite low to run.”

Lyndsay added, “It was a lovely surprise to find out we had won.  I had forgotten it was competition.  We just wanted people to know that we had lights.  I bought the 3D star for the top of the tree a couple of years ago from a German Market and bought it all the way back.”

You can check all the houses on the Festive Light Trail 2022 below:

This year’s and last year’s winner are shown as a gold star on the map.