Cafe Scientifique Present The Blue Frontier

Wednesday 11 January 2023
Henley Hockey Club
7.00 for 7.30pm start

What is humanity’s next frontier? Space might be called the final frontier, but earth still contains vast unexplored regions.

In fact, more than 70% of our planet begs to be better understood: The Blue Frontier. We have better maps of the Moon and Mars than we do of our ocean basins.

Steve Holloway, Marine Biologist will take us into the near future to consider how scientific innovations might enable communities to live and work on the open oceans.

Steve is a mariculture consultant for a Christian charity and has worked many years with ocean-farming projects in the Indo-Pacific region.  His most recent project helps artisanal fishing communities cultivate ocean species in ways that are both sustainable and restore balance to the environment.

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