Dangerous Potholes Around Road Drains & Utility Covers

Councillor David Eggleton has this week marked up more than 10 dangerous potholes on Reading Road, St Marks, St Andrews and on Green Lane around drains and utility covers.

He has logged them on the Fix My Street website for the attention of Oxfordshire County Council.

David said, “I am sure there is a load more around the town but I ran out of paint.  The problem with all of them is that the road surfaces have been resurfaced again and again above the height of the drains and covers and because the edges are not level with the road the constant traffic has worn and broken down the edges and then the surface starts to fail and create a pothole. With the recent low temperatures and heavy rainfall at this time of year this has made the problem worse. Blocked drains also add to the problem; when the water freezes and then thaws it expands around the drains.  It’s false economy to just add surface layers to roads, they should be properly stripped backed and tarmacked level around the drains and covers.  The recent Elizabeth Road resurfaced area will see the same problem probably next winter.”



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