Masons Donate to MotherSisterDaughter Ukrainian Support Initiative

Thames Lodge of Henley Masonic Centre has donated £300 to the Ukrainian MotherSisterDaughter community initiative who support Ukrainians living in Henley and the surrounding area.

David Eggleton suggested MotherSisterDaughter to Geoff and was pleased that the kind donation was made.  He said, “Geoff wanted to know more about MotherSisterDaughter and I introduced him to Gemma. This donation is very welcome and Gemma will ensure that it used for what is needed.”

Geoff Walsh, Charity Steward from Thames Lodge said, “Thames Lodge of Henley Masonic Centre is very pleased to support local causes of need, and in particular are very pleased to support Gemma and her wonderful efforts in looking after our guests from Ukraine here in Henley who have had to flee the tyranny of the Russian invasion of their country we hope that our own £300 donation will help.  Freemasons nationally, including Henley Lodges, have donated in excess of £1.5 million for Ukrainian civilian relief including £50,000 which we urgently gave within 2 weeks of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

Gemma Birch, Founder of MotherSister Daughter said, “We were overwhelmed to receive such a generous donation from Thames Lodge of Henley Masonic Centre just before Christmas. It was wonderful for them to recognise the work that MotherSisterDaughter is doing locally to support our Ukrainian refugee families. At the moment we are waiting for our first coffee morning of the year to see our families and understand what they might need as we track into the New Year, but our initial thoughts are around food parcels and some essentials to start the new year with. 2023 is going to be a hard year for lots of people and we want to continue to be here and continue to support our fabulous families and their hosts locally.”


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