Ben Competes in World Championships

WCMX athlete, Ben Sleet (middle above), travelled to California in December to compete in the World WCMX Championships.

The competition which lasted for one day attracted athletes from all over the world and some big names from WCMX, as well as TV stars and a scriptwriter from NCIS. They all competed against each other but also shared tips and experiences and Ben’s mum, Angela, said it was a really amazing, supportive experience.

The competition took place in Fontana, California, and it was the first time Ben and his family had visited America, which in itself was exciting. Ben was not at all dauted by using new skateparks. He said, “I can go into any skatepark and be at home.”

In 2019, Ben, who has Spina Bifada, competed in Cologne at the World Championships and came 4th in the kids division, however, in California, there was no kids division. There were just three divisions, beginners, women, and pros and Ben competed in the pros category. His mum wishes there was a kids category because Ben, 13, was competing against adults. Despite this he was placed in joint ninth place with a Brazilian competitor. His mum added, “you’re really good Ben.”

When asked what he had to do to compete, Ben explained, “you had to do two runs, doing as many tricks as you can in one minute.” Tricks included drop ins and grime rails. The toughest thing he did, and a first for him, was to go down a bank, do a jump and get out by himself. It was the biggest drop in he had ever done. Ben laughed, “that was scary.”

Whilst in California, there was a documentary being filmed on Aaron “wheelz” Fotheringham, and Ben spent most of his time with him so is hoping to feature on the documentary which will be aired soon.

Ben and his family want to extend their thanks to Hugo Gentilli at Hot Moves for sponsoring Ben to make the trip possible. They said he has been so supportive and really champions Ben.

The future is exciting for Ben, as well as more tricks and competitions, he is getting a new skate chair. Eight Foundation, who provided him with his very first chair, are giving him a new one this year which he is very much looking forward to. Then in the summer, he hopes to compete in Germany again, as well as a return to the World Championship in California in December 2023. Ben said, “I would love to go back but I am not looking forward to the flight.” In the meantime, Ben will continue to practice and learn new tricks and participate in Skate Jams at local skate parks








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