Council Agrees to Fund Swiss Farm Pelican Crossing

Town Councillors voted this week to fund the pelican crossing at Swiss Farm costing £138K from the earmarked reserve of £32,870 and £106,000 of Community Infrastructure Levy monies they have received from developers.

In August 2018, the Planning Committee recommended the allocation of funds for the initial consultation and survey work for three pedestrian crossings in Henley. The first of these was installed in April 2020 on Greys Road and the second was implemented on Gravel Hill in autumn 2021.

Counts carried out over 12 hours in August 2019 showed that 3624 vehicles travelled along the Marlow Road and 452 pedestrians crossed the road at Swiss Farm.  A consultation carried out in February 2021 for the proposed crossing by OCC showed 126 responses in favour of the crossing and 4 against.

Location plans have been drawn up and Councillors agreed that Henley Town Council will now oversee the procurement process and get three quotes for the work.


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