Christmas Trees Re-Cycled in Henley

Henley Town Council’s Parks Service with the support of Cllr Dave Eggleton spent Saturday morning on Mill Meadows shredding the Christmas Trees of Henley residents with all the proceeds going to Henley in Bloom.   This year they raised £650.

A drizzly morning did not stop many households from bringing along their Christmas trees to be re-cycled and donating £2 for each tree.  Karl Bishop and Vo Whitehouse from Parks Service spent the morning helping people offload their trees and then putting them into the shredder. Karl said, “all the trees are shredded into woodchip mulch, which is then used around the trees in Henley.”

Jim Pople, a resident in Henley said “I felt it was important to bring our tree down for it to be recycled and more importantly to support a local community cause,” a thought that was reflected by many.

Recycling of Christmas trees has taken place over the past few years, raising over £1000 last year.  All the money raised is used to support various projects in Henley, for Henely in Bloom. Cllr David Eggleton said, “The money raised includes supporting projects, for example, schools who are doing gardening activities and supporting those who need help in caring for a garden.”



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