Council Offering Energy-Saving Drop-In Advice at Market This Week

Henley Town Council’s Climate Emergency Working Group will hold its second monthly drop-in clinic for residents and businesses who want advice on how they can save energy and reduce bills on Thursday, 12 January as part of the Charter Market in the Market Place from 8.30am-3.00pm.

The Group recognises that at a time of spiralling energy costs, Henley’s residents and businesses are keen to obtain the right advice to find ways to save money on their energy bills.

The Group has developed a programme to do just that.

Its leader, Tony Hoskins, commented “We wanted to produce pamphlets that people could pick up and discuss rather than just going online. The Drop In will be on a stall at the top of the Market Place so that it should be easy for people to walk past, pick up leaflets and, if they wish, discuss their needs and their thoughts.”

The group will have available on the stall a hand-out – “Quick and easy ways to reduce your energy costs” – and a handout covering this issue, produced by Low Carbon Hub in Oxford. In addition, there will be handouts covering options available if individuals want to consider low, medium, or higher cost investment actions to reduce their energy use at a larger scale. Also, there will be leaflets available describing the Henley Solar Streets programme as well as the Cosy Homes Oxfordshire initiative.  On the stall there will be information about grants that could be available.

If any residents or businesses are unable to visit the stall on Thursday, then email describing your area of interest and we will come back to you with relevant information


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