Greener Henley Talk – One Week Energy Saving Initiative

Greener Henley have invited Dr Will Hearsey from the Hart Surgery to give a talk about the One Week initiative on Tuesday 17 January at Kings Arms Barn from 7.30pm.

The One Week (8-15 January) initiative is to inspire and encourage everyone in the country to go above and beyond to save as much energy as possible in one week. The idea behind One Week means that, if large numbers of people come together in the knowledge that others are doing their bit, we can all make a huge and immediate impact on the biggest issues we face today.

Dr Hearsey said, “I’ve had the beginnings of the One Week idea for quite a few years in some shape or form. Until relatively recently it’s been buried in a list of potential projects still to do. I’m no longer completely sure of the exact origins as it was more of a gradual conception. I think the vague idea – that of lots of people working harder than usual to do something positive all at the same time to create something extraordinary – came about from reading about various examples of teamwork and collective sacrifice. Think codebreaking during the war and the Dunkirk evacuations etc. Clearly One Week can’t be every week, but I envisage perhaps two or three of them annually depending on the need for collective action. And in the future, if it catches on in the UK, there’s no reason it can’t spread internationally.”

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