New Amusing No Idling Banners Go Up Around Town

New amusing No Idling campaign banners have been put up around town last week including outside schools and in car parks.

The banners are being supported by Henley Town Council and have been put up by Clean Air Henley campaign group.

David Dickie from Clean Air Henley said, “Vehicle exhaust is toxic. It disproportionately damages children as their lung to body size is so different. Harm to their lungs inhibits growth both physically and mentally. So we are hoping everyone will turn off their vehicle engine when they are stationary. Wasting fuel to harm people seems senseless. This No Idling campaign amusingly plays off famous showbiz characters Billy Idol (White Wedding), who gave $10m dollars to this campaign in New York, and Eric Idle (Always look on the Bright Side of Life). We hope its humour and light touch will encourage drivers to support cleaning up the air in our town to give us the clean air we are legally entitled to.”


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