Bremont Announces £48.4m Investment

Henley’s luxury watch company, Bremont today announced that renowned investor, Bill Ackman and his affiliate, has purchased a substantial minority interest in the company alongside Hellcat LP, Bremont’s long-standing lead investor, which increased its investment in the Company as part of the transaction.

Giles English, Bremont Co-Founder, said: “Nick and I are thrilled that Bill has moved from collector to investor, joining our long-standing shareholder, Hellcat, as partners in Bremont. This new capital will enable us to invest in marketing, distribution, and talent. This is not just a boost for Bremont, but also for Britain. The British watch industry is the birthplace of some of the most important timekeeping innovations, including the perpetual calendar, and we are delighted to continue our country’s history of manufacturing and innovation through the global growth of Bremont.”

“I have long admired Bremont’s handsomely-designed, technologically-sophisticated and rugged watches, and the brand’s storied aviation and military history,” stated Bill Ackman. “The UK’s rich horological past laid the foundation for Nick and Giles to found and grow Bremont into one of the watch industry’s preeminent brands and engineering companies. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to become a shareholder of Bremont at a fulcrum point in the Company’s evolution, and to see it take its rightful position as a global leader in watchmaking.”

The closing of this new investment comes 18 months after Bremont opened its 35,000 square foot state-of-the-art Manufacturing & Technology centre, The Wing, in Henley This new facility has enabled Bremont to become the first business in over 50 years to manufacture mechanical movements at scale on British shores. The opening of The Wing, along with a series of new global boutique openings and increased demand across a new range of watches, drove record annual revenue growth of 28% in Bremont’s most recent financial year.


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