Wildlife Lover Worried About Tree Cutting on Council’s Chalk Hill

Residents have been worried about the tree cutting that has taken place over the last couple of weeks by Henley Town Council and their contractors on Chalk Hill (land the Council owns off Valley Road).

One resident said, “I was keeping an eye on the area as I’m a keen wildlife lover and asked them in a polite way about what they were doing.  I thought that there should be a notice to inform people of what is happening particularly as it is a dangerous operation; tree felling and lopping.  I understand now that they were dead wooding the trees.  I don’t understand why they have sprayed the horrible DW on the trees as it does not come off easily and looks like graffiti now and it seems rather messy how they have left the area. I was also concerned like others with regards to the impact on the wildlife in particular the bats as I had been recording them and have proof.  I don’t know if any damage has been done yet and won’t know until the Spring.   I hope they are still there otherwise this will raise concern.  I think a proper bat survey should have been carried out.”

A statement from Henley Town Council said, “The council parks team works on so many projects around the town with a team of 10, outside resources as well as Lexi, our conservation specialist so it would be hard to announce all works in advance. Larger projects such as the mowing plans for the Fairmile will be announced shortly as this may have an impact and reaction.  It is best practice for both arborists and contractors to check for bats roosting. The contractor involved has done exactly that and there was no evidence of any bats.”

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  1. Peter crook says:

    Just to update comments from HTC is there are bats in the woods in several location i have proof from my bat detector purchased July 2022 for this vary reason.


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