New Landscape Artist at Artistry Gallery

Artistry Gallery and Picture Framing on the Reading Road has a new artist called Nick Quirke.

Artistry Owner Sarah Pye said, “We love Nick’s work, it’s bold, slightly brash, exciting and full of life. Many of Nicks pieces are Henley scenes and I think that’s one of the reasons why I love them. They just resonate home to me, but with fun contemporary twist to them. His outrageous skies reflected in the Thames, and the mere a hint of Temple Island in the distance speak volumes and just depict  Henley in a new light.”

Pop into the gallery and see the collection they have on display at the moment.

Sarah added, “Kevin our Framer has started 2023 with a bang and has been framing, beautiful canvases in hand-painted float frames, using gorgeous colours that not only set off the artwork beautifully, but compliment the environment that they are going to be hanging in perfectly. There is so much more to framing and setting off your artwork, than just plonking something into a ready-made frame. Come in for a chat and let us help you find the right frame for your art.”


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