Tomb Eyesore Finally Removed

The last of the ‘Tomb’ graffiti tags has now been removed last week thanks to the permission of the resident, Gibbs & Dandy and ManningUK insurance brokers.

The graffiti tag was sprayed around town on green service boxes, bus shelters and other street furniture last April.  A group of volunteers including Ann and Jackie from ManningUK, our Editor Michaela Clarke and Town Councillors spent one Saturday morning cleaning off the graffiti.

However the hoarding around the house on the Reading Road, near the vets remained.  The Herald tried to get in touch with the owner last year and after speaking with a helpful veterinary employee she confirmed that Raymond Hicks, the resident was in poor health and wasn’t living at the property at the time.  She kept in touch by email and just before Christmas, Michaela dropped off a letter at Raymond’s house and Raymond got in touch to say he was returning home.

Ann Manning organised for her maintenance guy to paint the hoarding last week.  She said, “I’m delighted that we finally got to finish cleaning up all this awful graffiti that spoiled our beautiful town.”

Raymond said, “I have been in hospital and a care home for many, many months and I was delighted of the offer of volunteers to help.  Thank you to you (Michaela)  and the volunteers for organising this and for Gibbs & Dandy providing the paint.”



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