Fun Golf Society Raises £4200 for Prostate Cancer

A group of golfers, who play every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Henley Golf Club in Harpsden, have raised £4250 for Prostate Cancer.

Known as the RAWW EGGS, ‘Red and White Wine Elderly Gentlemen’s Golfing Society’, they raised the money though a series of fines, e.g. mobile ringing, watching sport or news on your phone, knocking a glass of wine over to name but a few, within the group over the last few months of the year; this raised £2080.

The balance was raised at their Christmas Lunch where they held an auction of donated items from some of the group plus donations from – The Unicorn, Gibbs & Dandy, Badgemore Park, Henley Hawks, James Prince – P.G.A qualifies Professional.

Chair of RAWW EGGS, Michael Heriot said, “We chose Prostate Cancer because of 1 or 2 of us are concerned about and it may come to anyone of us.  Anyone can join our group, if they like us they can stay or they can join another if they don’t.  We haven’t been able to get out on the golf course for a while as the ground is too hard but they are saying that it will be open on Friday when the members will out on the putting green all thinking they’re Rory McIlroy!”

The cheque was presented to Lisa Silver, Henley Cancer Research UK Shop Manager and Louise Francis, Area Manager for CRUK.  Louise said, “The money will be ringfenced for prostate cancer research.  It’s an incredible amount of money and we’re very grateful that they decided to give their money to Cancer Research UK.  Every penny will absolutely make a difference in helping us to try and find a cure for this disease and stopping people passing away from it.”

Members all agreed that Pete Falle was the worst offender for the fines.  Peter said, “With all the tedious of the fines, I just decided to put a £100 on the table and said I’m out.”  Michael said, “We might introduce this going forward but next year it will probably £150.”

In previous years RAWW EGGS have collected for Motor Neurone Disease, Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation, Sue Ryder, totalling over the years to £20,000.


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