Oscar on Target to Shoot at National Level

Oscar Deakin, a Year 10 student at Gillotts School and a Henley Royal Marine Cadet who has had a very good year after winning a haul of medals including the Gold Medal in the U25 and the Cadet McQueen competitions last year and a Grandmaster medal at the World Championships.

The McQueen competition is where there is a cut out of a castle with a series of holes in and a target then appears in one for 3 seconds and then this is repeated ten times all at different holes all of this is shot at 300 yards.

At a young age Oscar had an interest in shooting and started shooting when he was 10. He joined the Royal Marines cadets after wanting to go out on the river and learning to sail. He attends the Royal Marines cadets at TS Guardian at the Eyot Centre on the Wargrave Road on Mondays and Fridays and trains for shooting most weekends at the National Rifle Association Bisley.

Oscar joined the British Alpine Rifles after he was proposed and interviewed and then went through a probationary period when he was asked to complete different disciplines and then marked on safety. He has been out to shoot pistols with them all over Switzerland.

He took up shooting as his Dad shoots. Oscar said, “I took up shooting because it’s something a bit different and I want to be better than my Dad. I’ve made some good friends through the Royal Marine cadets. The hardest thing about learning to shoot is the impact the wind has. It’s hard to read the flags.”

Oscar has also been put forward to be part of the U16 Cadet Rifle team to tour the Channel Islands later this year. Oscar explains, “There’s a shoot in February to decide which team you’ll get into A or B or as a travelling reserve. I think I’ve got a fairly good chance of getting there.” If he continues to do well he’ll go on to compete in Canada in 2 years time.

Oscar is pleased that he now has the support of Wentworth Shooting Supplies which are hopefully sponsoring him for the next few years.

Thinking of shooting as sport? Oscar advice would be, “Talk to people about it, don’t be disheartened if it’s not going very well. There has been many times its gone wrong for me and I’ve picked myself back up.”


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