Special Assembly to Remember Elliott & Launch of Charity Fund in His Memory

Little Elliott Peto, a pupil at Sacred Heart who sadly passed away after being diagnosed with a rare cancer in December last year aged just 5 was remembered with a special assembly at the school yesterday.  His parents Chris and Amiee also presented a cheque for £10,000 to launch a charity fund in memory of Elliott to Alice’s Arc charity which will be used for research and treatments into his cancer, Rhabdomyosarcoma.

The money was raised through a JustGiving page in the Autumn of last year that was set up by Amy’s cousin, Katrina and was used to give Elliott some magical experiences after he was given a terminal diagnosis.  The cheque was presented to the founder of Alice’s Arc charity, Sara Wakeling whose daughter Alice also died of Rhabdomyosarcoma in 2019.

Headteacher, Mrs Rachel Gavin said, “We might feel a little strange today as we listen to different parts of the assembly – we will feel happy as we listen to the memories that his friends and family are going to tell us about.  We will feel sad too – sad that we can’t see and be with Elliott any more.  It is OK to feel both of these things, what is most important is that we are here, together.  That we remember Elliott.”

Children from Year 1 and Reception spoke about their memories of Elliott saying, “Elliott loved to be Spiderman and pretended to shoot webs. He liked to play on the climbing frame.  He was very very helpful as he found my lost toy and I was so happy.  He was kind and looked after people.”  The children then sang one of Elliott’s favourite songs, “This Little Light of Mine” particularly the part where the words “Hide it under a bush” and shouted “Oh no!”

Elliott’s Dad Chris said, “Thank you so much for this lovely assembly where you have come together to remember Elliott and tell these lovely stories and sing lovely songs.  Elliott will be watching down from Heaven, signing and singing along with you all.  Elliott loved learning.  When he was well enough to come to school he enjoyed story time and lessons with his classmates.  Even when he wasn’t well enough to attend school, we did Maths and reading in the morning, followed by story time and if he did good sitting and listening he got to do free play time.  He often chose getting dressed up in his favourite superhero characters or alto egos he created like Wild Elliott.  After his treatment and when he was well enough he was so happy to back in class, learning and playing alongside all his friends and teachers and came out of school more energised than when he went in.  One of our favourite things was going out for walks with Elliott.  We’ve got lots of happy memories of him chasing butterflies and collecting treasure (flower seeds, stones and berries).  He liked looking after people, even though he was the one that was poorly.  We wanted to thank everyone in the community who helped raise money for his magical experiences last year.  We wish we had longer, but the time we did have we got up every day and we said what are we going to do today and we did it.  We’ve putting the rest towards fighting this cancer that Elliott had.  Now Elliott has own Arc, we’re able to share his story with the world, share his bravery and raise some more money in his memory.  We’re proud to launch his Arc at this school today.  School was the best days for him.  That was really magic.”

Sara from Alice’s Arc said, “I never had the chance to meet Elliott so I feel lucky to listen to all your stories about Elliott’s time at school. We’ve raised £2.5m and counting and are now funding 8 projects in major research institutions.  In 2021, we launched the Arcs where family and friends can come together to honour a child’s journey with Rhabdomyosarcoma.   Elliott’s Arc will be our 18th Arc in England and Northern Ireland and it’s such a pleasure to launch Elliott’s Arc today and I’m look forward to working with Chris and Amy and all you to improve outcomes for children with Rhabdomyosarcoma in the future.  Research is really expensive, but this cheque for £10,000 that will pay for a quarter of research role at one of the institutions for the year and so it is very significant.”

You can donate to Elliott’s Arc via https://www.alicesarc.org/arc/elliott-peto/


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