Nat West Bank Closes

The third bank, Nat West in Henley closed last week and today builders were seen emptying the building in Market Place.

Planning permission was granted by SODC in November to remove the existing signage, external ATMs, Nightsafe Bezel and make good where removals affect the building. Plus the removal of non-original internal signage, fixtures, fittings, furniture, and equipment relating to the operation of the bank.

HSBC will also be closing its doors in August this year, leaving just the Nationwide Building Society and the Post Office available for daily counter bank services.

Barclays offer a service at d:two on a Monday and Thursday mornings. You can book an appointment here 

Henley Town Council has called for a community banking hub for Henley and are investigating this.

  1. Geoffrey Walsh says:

    This is so very sad news over the further demise of banking business in Henley and sadly denotes a serious lack of capability or indeed focus by Henley Town Council for our town to stay alive. let alone face any modern day challenges that we all face. I won’t be voting for any of them at the Town Council elections in a few months time, the so-called councillors – whether of either political alignment have clearly run out of steam and perhaps lost the plot.


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