County Council Gives Permission to Park Large Lorry on Market Place

A large lorry which has been used to empty the contents of the recently closed Nat West bank was given permission to park on the Market Place pedestrianisation area by Oxfordshire County Council yesterday causing potential damage to the York stones.

Councillor David Eggleton approached the skip driver when we was unloading the skip and asked if he had permission and suggested that he put a board down to protect the stones first.  He also asked him not to drive back through the pedestrian area which he ignored.  David said, “We need to put bollards up around the Market Place and/or re-install the benches at the Town Hall end to stop this happening.  As soon as one vehicle parks, it encourages others to follow suit.”

Henley Town Council, Town Clerk, Sheridan Jacklin-Edwards said, “The Town Council are also concerned about the vehicles parked on the Market Place. Whilst the Town Council controls the commercial use of the square, it is public highway and parking enforcement is carried out by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC). They’ve confirmed they gave permission for the vehicles. We’ve raised concerns about the potential damage done to the York stone and they’ve confirmed that, in future, they will consult with the Town Council first. In addition, the Town Council is working with OCC to provide more loading and short stay parking bays on the road in Market Place and we’re hopefully that plans will go out to public consultation shortly.

“If anyone sees a potentially illegally parked vehicle, we’d encourage them to report it here:




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