Council Propose to Install River Swimming Ladder

Installation of a new swimming ladder has been proposed by Henley Town Council into the Thames at Marsh Meadows this week.

The location of the ladder will be near to the Wishing Tree where the river is accessible and shallow.  The Council can apply for the installation under permitted development rights and does not need permission from the Environmental Agency.  Mooring space around the location will be suspended and signage will be installed to reflect this.

The Council has sought advice from Thames21 about creating a designated bathing area and the installation of steps would be the first part of this process.  If a designated bathing area was to be created, public toilets would be needed to be available nearby.  The Council will re-investigate the cost and need of these at Mill Lane car park.

The cost of installing the steps will be £5,000 and will be taken from the capital expenditure budget.


  1. Anne Robinson says:

    Frankly, I am stunned into speechlessness, which for me is like having another stroke. A swimming ladder into the Thames? Really? “Where the river is accessible and shallow”? Installing the steps will cost £5,000 but then there is the provision of toilets, signage etc.. Meanwhile, Grey’s road is closed again for a collapsed sewer, HGVs are destroying the roads and Grade II listed buildings, and people are still using foodbanks. Oh yes, a ladder into the Thames, teaming with effluent from our greedy, indifferent water companies, seems to be just the right priority right now.

    • Anne F says:

      Anne, I completely agree. I recommend that all people remove/cancel their Standing Orders/direct debits to the water companies until this disgusting and unacceptable state of affairs is resolved by them.


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