Gardners Get Together at Henley’s Annual Seed Swap

Keen gardeners and allotment holders got together on Saturday at the town hall for the annual seed swap event.

The Heritage Seed Library provided seeds for the event.  It is part of the Garden Organic Charity, an organisation that maintains the national collection of heritage vegetables and aims to conserve vegetable varieties that are not widely available. They hold the National Collection of heritage vegetables and conserve a living collection of rare historical, heirloom and ex-commercial varieties. Working with local areas, the seed library donates seeds out into communities with a view to ensuring that varieties of vegetables are maintained.  Dave McEwan, who works with Greener Henley said “It is important to ensure that these varieties of seeds are put back into the hands of individual gardeners and that these gardeners then share their seeds.”

Colin and Joy Bates, both keen gardeners who visited the Seed Swap, bought a variety of seeds to share including sweetcorn and french beans. Colin said, “We were keen to share these varieties as well as look for new varieties to try.”

Sharon Oldham, the Secretary of Henley’s Allotment Association spoke of the importance and encouragement to grow your own vegetables and of the importance of seed saving and requested “If in September, around harvest time, gardeners could leave a few beans/vegetables to go to seed and then consider bringing the seed to the seeds swap next year.” For further information please visit the Real Seeds website

£110 was raised in donations for the Heritage Seed Library and the seeds left over will be donated to a local Refugee Support Group which has the opportunity to grow produce for themselves.

Whilst there is currently a waiting list for allotments in Henley, if anyone is interested please contact the Henley Allotments Association


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