New Multi-million Pound CT Scanning Suite Opens at Royal Berkshire Hospital

A brand new scanning suite has opened its doors at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. It marks the culmination of two years’ work, and a £2.5 million investment. The new suite mean patients will be seen and treated in a calm, modern, state of the art environment, with the best patient care at its heart.

Each day, a team of Radiographers, Radiologists, Administrative and Support Workers see on average 100 patients for CT scans. In a year they care for more than 40,000 people for a whole range of reasons, including cancer diagnosis, diagnosing strokes, or assessing the damage caused from incidents like road traffic accidents.

The new suite, which has been purpose built, is located in the hospital’s Centre Block on the ground floor, in the Radiology Department. Self-contained, it’s made up of a brand new waiting room, two changing rooms, two areas for radiographers, and two scanning rooms.

As well as two brand new scanners, the suite includes a whole range of features, big and small, to make the experience as comfortable as possible for people visiting. From coming in through a separate entrance away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the hospital. To the ‘smart glass’ technology between the scanning room and the Radiographers’ control room for patient privacy. And there is also ambient lighting, with back-lit cherry blossom ceiling panels in the scanning rooms, and two-way microphones so that patients can talk directly to staff during their scan. Every feature contributes to make the patient experience the best it can be.

Sarah Guzvica, CT Lead Radiographer said, “We know that for people coming in to see us to have a scan, whether planned or unplanned, it can be an unsettling and concerning time. We hope that the new suite, and the little additions we’ve made, for example real time CCTV in the scanner as well as the two-way microphones so we can keep in touch, help to make the experience of coming to see us as smooth as possible.

“For the team, it’s the thought that’s gone into the build that’s really going to help. For example the scanning rooms are bigger so there’s more room for us to move around and help patients that might have additional mobility needs.”

Julie Cameron, Associate Director in Radiology said, “I’m delighted that the new suite is now open to patients. We are proud to be able to offer a wider range of procedure and treatments at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in a purpose built environment.

“I hope the investment shows just how committed we are to making the latest equipment and techniques accessible to our local community.”


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