Rotary Club Donates Recycling Bins to Gillotts School

Henley’s Rotary Club has donated three large green recycling bins to Gillotts school as part of its worldwide environment campaign.

The bins were “unveiled” at the school on Tuesday at an assembly in which two pupil members of Gillotts eco committee — Harry Waldron and Isaac Urch — explained to their peers how the bins were to be used and why.

Eco committee organiser and teacher Alison Michael then joined Rotarians Phil Fletcher, Jeremy Gaunt, and Jane Bertelli to show off and demonstrate the bins during lunch break in the school quadrangle. The bins were adorned with an explanatory poster drawn by pupil Lyla Massie from a competition that she won.

“Rotary is particularly keen to involve young people in its environmental campaigns,” Ms Bertelli, a local potter who deals with youth issues for the the local Rotary, said. “Starting young to protect the planet is key to stopping and reversing the damage that is being done. It is so important for children to recycle in order reduce littering.”

The Henley Rotary Club is part of a global campaign called “End Plastic Soup” which is designed to stop plastic from ending up in rivers and the sea where it can remains for upwards of 500 years before breaking down. A “Plastic Blitz” to clean up the Thames is due to take place in May.

The club is due to host a meeting this Saturday with the Henley Toad Patrol to learn about the group’s work. It’s at the Hart Street Tavern at 1030 am and is open to anyone interested.


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