Tennis Coach Serves Up Ace Funds For Mayor’s Charitable Cause

Henley Mayor, Michelle Thomas showed off her tennis skills yesterday at a children’s camp run by Tom Scott, Head Coach at Henley Tennis Club.

Tom was running another fun tennis camp for children who were off school due to the teacher’s strike and was again donating the fees to the Mayor’s Covid catch-up tutoring initiative.  Tom has already donated over £350 from the first camp run in February.

Mayor Michelle said, “The reason we’re here today is that some of the children’s school are closed today because of the strike.  I’m delighted that lovely Tom here has stepped in to fill the gap and what a great idea to get kids out who are interested in sport and tennis and using these fabulous tennis courts.  I remember meeting Tom when he came to the Council asking for a very modest grant to put on a school’s tennis championship.  The Council were really behind him.  He didn’t have to do this today, he’s given up his time and he’s raised some much needed funds towards the Mayor’s charitable fund for the Covid catch-up for Henley primary schools.  It’s so good of him I’ll be forever grateful.”

Tom said, “Myself and the children have had great fun in the sun today.  It’s been really lovely to have Michelle spare some time to drop in and play a bit of tennis with the children.  Her cause is such a good one and one that I wanted to support.”

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