World Day of Prayer Celebrated at Sacred Heart Church

A service was held last week at Sacred Heart Church to celebrate World Day of Prayer, which is a “wave of prayer” that travels around the world with a focus on prayers for one particular country. This year the chosen country was Taiwan.

Children from Sacred Heart Primary School took part in the service by parading down the church at the start carrying colourful lanterns and dragons they had made in class. The children looked so proud and gathered quietly at the front to join the congregation in prayer and also sing their song, God Hears Me When I Pray. 

In a gentle service, written by the Christian women of Taiwan, there were readings and hymns, as well as a touching collection of letters from the women of Taiwan. The church silently listened to the stories of women so far away and for those few moments everyone stood together. It was as much a celebration of women as it was of Taiwan.

Throughout the service there was time for quiet reflection, as well as group prayer. This event, which had been postponed since 2020 due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, seemed to bring so much peace to all involved. It was thoughtful and moving. At the front of the Church, a collection of flowers and fruit stood alongside a beautiful puzzle map of Taiwan. The last piece of the puzzle was brought by the children to complete.

Joan Edwards, who helped to organise the event, not only put together the display at the front of the church but also made a selection of colourful paper fans which were handed out before and after the service. She said, “It is great to see people coming together.” She added that they would love other schools to participate and hopes they can encourage more parents to attend.

The Order of Service was beautifully illustrated by Hui-Wen Hsaio, a Taiwan born artist, and her artwork uses images to show how the “Christian faith brings peace and a new vision to Taiwan.”

World Day of Prayer takes place on the first Friday of March and in 2024 it will be held in the Christ Church in support of Palestine.


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