Wombles Go a Wombling for Spring Clean Up

The Henley Wombles gathered together to hit the grot spots of Henley last Saturday morning.

Collecting over a dozen large bin bags of waste which included bottles, cans, food wrappers along with some disgusting rubbish including dog poo bags and a safe sex item and its wrapper!

Councillors David Eggleton and Will Hamilton formed the Wombles in April 2021 and there are 60+ Wombles who have been allocated an area and been provided with a high vis vest, a litter picker and gloves.  David said, “On Saturday we collected 10+ full bags of rubbish including a naughty DVD and a bra I found down Waterworks Lane (Old Greys Lane).  There was also some large items dumped behind the clothing bins and the toilets in Greys Road car park which will be cleared and we will be monitoring this area.  I’d like to thank all the Wombles for doing a great job.  They go out throughout the year and do as little or as much as they like.  It was good to go out together on Saturday and tackle some of the problem areas.”

There is a big problem around the bus stop near the Top Shops because the litter bin there has no top on it and foxes and/or cats are getting into it and the wind blows the litter out of the bin too there.  Will said, “We are looking at getting a better bin here to stop this happening.”

Some residents are still using public litter bins for their household rubbish which makes the bins overflow easily.  These too are being monitored now.

Womble Babs Towner said, “I was brought up to put rubbish in litter bins or take the litter home so I find it frustrating that people can’t do the same.  I realise there is far more packaging on products nowadays so more rubbish.   Being a Henley Womble means you are allocated 2 roads to clear once a month.  On Saturday I went with another Womble down the Reading Road as far as the Tesco roundabout and we filled a bag each found with things like wheel hubs, a discarded bicycle etc. and it was enjoyable.”

If you would like to become a Womble, please email Will Hamilton at willhamilton200@aol.com




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