Young Artists Celebrated at Henley Youth Festival Awards

Henley’s talented young artists were celebrated on Saturday (11 March) at the Henley Youth Festival Art Competition awards ceremony, held at the Town Hall.

The Henley Youth Festival Art Competition invited children aged 3-18 to enter, with prizes for both 2D and 3D artwork.T he theme for this year’s festival, ’Going Green’, inspired a plethora of imaginative and moving pieces of artwork. Local artist, Michelle Pratt, was responsible for judging the contest, and had a hard time picking the winners from the brilliant selection of entrants.

She said on Saturday, “I have a passion for art and design, and a huge love of art created by children and their beautiful responses to the world around us. Picasso once said, every child is an artist, and I couldn’t agree more. Some children go on to excel in the subject and express themselves in such a wonderful and unique way. I’m so very fond of this Youth Festival Competition. The theme is thrown out there each year and some children respond in the most extraordinary ways possible. I am honoured this year to be asked to judge the artwork for this festival. We had some amazing entries this year, with the theme being Go Green. We really do have some wonderful artists here in Henley, and your lovely lot are the cream of the crop.”

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placements in each category were awarded with a trophy and a certificate, whilst Highly Commended entries also received a certificate for their efforts. Every winner or highly commended child received an Easter egg, presented to them by Mayor Michelle Thomas.

Michelle addressed the children, “We are here today to celebrate art. Every single one of you is here today because you had the courage to stick up for your talent and enter an art competition. It has paid off because you are here today as winners. Art is so important in everyday life, and it will also carry you forward possibly in a career, because there are so many careers out there that use art as part of the job.”

Michelle Thomas was also responsible for judging the Henley Youth Festival logo competition, which was this year won by Elin Barr, aged 12.

The competition was organised once again by Charlene Brown, one of the Festival’s many dedicated volunteers. Laura Matthews, Chair of Henley Youth Festival, said on Saturday, “It’s lovely to see the next generation coming along. Thank you for entering our competition. It doesn’t happen without volunteers like Charlene, who has absolutely put all her effort into doing this every year and we love her for it. Thank you to our judges as well – Michelle [Pratt] judged the Art Competition and the Mayor judged our logo competition.”

A full list of winners can be found below.

3 – 6 2D

1st: Poppy Bayley, Badgemore
2nd: Rosina Westwood, Badgemore
3rd: Callie Barcella, Badgemore
Highly Commended: Alice O’Brien, Trinity

7 – 8 2D

1st: Isabelle Carruthers, Valley Road
2nd: Raffi Barcella, Badgemore
3rd: Melia Drummond, Valley Road
Highly Commended: Shanaya Yasin, Valley Road; Isla Wrottesley, Rupert House; Charlie Burkitt, St Mary’s

9 – 11 2D

1st: Maya Shlewet & Neve van Blerk, Rupert House
2nd: Ivo Seraille, St Mary’s
3rd: Poppy Burkitt, St Mary’s
Highly Commended: Aoife South & Clementine Wason, Rupert House; Daisy White, Rupert House; Panalee Lambelin, Trinity

11 – 14 2D

1st: Alexander Bowater-Rubio, Shiplake College
2nd: Isobel Moore, Gillotts
3rd: Lorenzo Bowater-Rubio, Shiplake College
Highly Commended: Mo Britton, Shiplake College; James Martin, Shiplake College

15 – 18 2D

1st: Freddie Carlsson, Shiplake College
2nd: Henry Benton, Shiplake College

3-6 3D

1st: Roxanna Savage, Badgemore
2nd: Miles Kettell, Badgemore
3rd: Noah Hewson, Badgemore
Highly Commended: Darcy Rose Lody, Badgemore; Otto Sheldon, Valley Road

7-8 3D

1st: Eva Floyd, Valley Road
2nd: Teddy Baxter, Rupert House
3rd: Jaymee-Marie Rex, Badgemore
Highly Commended: Jolie James, Badgemore

9-11 3D

1st: Austin Lawrence, St Mary’s
2nd: Ivan Hornsby, Badgemore
3rd: Jemima Cooper, Badgemore
Highly Commended: Seren Quinn, Rupert House; Sebastian Sheldon, Valley Road


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