New Shop and Owners for Bagatelle Toys

Bagatelle Toys will be moving to 24 Bell Street (the former Snappy Snaps shop) on 6 April and will have new owners, Marlow Toys.

Maryam Clifford-Turner and Victoria Wingfield Digby have run Bagatelle together for the last five years.  Maryam and Victoria have been friends since their children were at school together.  Maryam bought Bagatelle 12 years ago.

Brakspear who own the freehold of the current Bagatelle shop gave the owners notice last year to develop the site as part of their plans for the Bull on Bell Street pub.

Maryam said, “It’s taken a quite a while to find new premises and then complete negotiations with Marlow Toys.  I’m really pleased that Bagatelle Toys will continue in Henley.”

Victoria added, “The time is right and the business is in a good position.  We wanted someone to take it forward and keep Bagatelle going in Henley. The shop is 45 years old and we’ve been delighted to be custodians of the brand for the last few years.  Marlow Toys are perfect to take the brand forward and lovely that the two brands are joining together again as the original owner, Maurice who owned Bagatelle for 25 years owned Marlow Toys too for a while. It is a natural transition with the same stock and staff going into the business. The new owners are looking for another full time and part time staff.”

Andy, Manager at Marlow Toys said, “We’re really looking forward to opening in the relocated store in Henley in a prime location in Bell Street.  We will be stocking a wide assortment of toys which will be for all generations of families. The new shop will be vibrant like Marlow Toys. We will be giving 100% customer service to Henley people and the surrounding area.  I’ve been in the business for 12 years and managed Marlow Toys for all that time so I’m very familiar with the surrounding area and the customers.”

Asked what has been their highlights, Victoria said, “I think one of the main highlights was when we joined together with Nomad and DJ Gary Boys to supply the Christmas toys during Covid for families in need in Henley thanks to the introduction and partnership with the Herald.”

Victoria has plans to do an upholstering course this year and she’s looking forward to returning to volunteering at the Riding for Disabled charity.  Maryam hasn’t decided what she’ll do next but added, “I’m definitely looking for another project but not sure what that will be yet.”


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