Royal Berkshire Hospital Launches Patient Portal For Easy Access to Your Health Information

All Royal Berkshire Hospital patients over the age of 18 will be able to use a new secure, online Patient Portal where they will be able to view their upcoming appointments and medical letters, as well as some test results, making it easier for them to take control of, and access, their health information.

The Portal, accessible via a Smartphone or any other smart device, will mean that ENT and Rheumatology outpatients will also be able to view, change and cancel some appointments.

And maternity users, gastroenterology patients, and pre-operative patients will be able to complete health questionnaires related to their treatment online at home ahead of their appointments, saving time on the day.

Victoria Peters, Project Manager, said, “We are always looking at how we can use new technology to improve how we work with patients to make the hospital experience even better.

“As well as the services we are rolling out from day one, we are also working with other departments across the Trust to extend the access patients have to their information even further over the next few months.

“We’re excited to offer a new secure patient portal, giving our patients direct access to their medical information and appointments. Outpatients with an upcoming appointment will receive an SMS text message to invite them to join up.”

This is the latest in a set of initiatives introduced by the Trust to improve patient care. At the end of March, Careaware Connect will be launched, supporting the care the Trust give outpatients out of hours. And the Trust have also installed new appointment check-in booths around the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Patients who are not digitally active will still have appointment letters and leaflets posted to them in the usual way.

There is more information on the Portal here: My RBH Health | Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust


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