Town Council Appoint Consultants to Look at HGV Pedestrian Safety Issues

Henley Town Council have now appointed consultants to look at all aspects of safety in relation to HGVs and pedestrians which will be submitted into Oxfordshire County Council’s consultation on their new Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP) which is proposing to to apply a new approach of zonal weight limits and recommended HGV routes.

After publishing our article Campaigners Questioning County Council’s HGV Transport Consultation and tagging OCC County Cabinet Member for Travel & Development Strategy, Duncan Enright on Twitter, he has agreed that the Henley HGV campaign are now allowed to submit evidence to the consultation too.

The Henley HGV campaign who want a weight restriction to stop large HGVs cutting through the town have compiled an extensive photobook showing HGVs mounting pavements and putting pedestrians at risk.

The transport consultant costing £2,000 will complete a sweep path analysis at critical junctions, Bell Street/New Street, Henley Bridge and Hart Street and Greys Road. This will be done using computer software plotting of lorries showing where they overhang pavements and the blind spots with HGVs.  A review of the accident history will also be completed.

Remenham Parish Council have just completed a vehicle count on White Hill and the numbers are both surprising and shocking. In a week, 7 days there were 107,015 vehicle movements up and down the hill.  All vehicles were classified in the count and in this week there were 21,000 HGVs coming into Henley and 19,912 HGVs going up the hill and leaving Henley. A total number of 40,985 large HGVs coming into and leaving Henley in a week. Almost 6000 a day!

Henley’s County Councillor, Stefan Gawrysiak said, “40,985 HGVs a week clearly shows why we need a weight limit. ALL through HGV’s should stay on the Strategic Highway Network. If you evidence you would like to submit, please email me at or before the 10 April.


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