Breaking News… Graffiti Artist Returns to Complete Bridge Artwork

Overnight last night between the hours of 12 midnight and 6am an O and a T have been added to the H graffiti artwork on Henley bridge.

It is thought that the original artist believed to be Helch has returned to complete the artwork to show an acronym of the town’s name and perhaps a sign for river users to welcome them to the town.

The original H was sprayed on last May and still remains after Oxfordshire County Council are still working on plans to remove it.  A few weeks ago OCC confirmed that they needed listed building consent from Wokingham Borough Council and South Oxfordshire District Council to remove the graffiti.

The police and OCC are aware of the new graffiti.  There is unfortunately still no CCTV covering this area.  The only clue is that there is a small tag of the letters AF on the letter T.





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