Amber Galleries Opens in Market Place

Amber Galleries hosted a party on Friday evening to launch its new venue in Market Place. Having opened its doors on a very rainy evening, the guests were given a warm welcome and everyone had the opportunity to look at a wide array of artwork as well as to talk to a number of artists who are displaying their work.

Speaking with Laura Ahern (Gallery Director),  she said, “Our aim is to have a gallery with a contemporary feel and to bring something fresh and unique to Henley, whilst offering a breadth and eclectic mix of art that  is curated in a way that looks inviting and encourages people to visit.”

Upon entering the gallery, the walls are adorned with artwork from well-known artists that include Damian Hurst, Roy Lichtenstein and David Hockney and as you move into the gallery, visitors will see the work of some new and exciting contemporary artists that include Aliona Adrianova, Carla Raads and Janet Massey, with more historical work of Picasso etchings and Matisse. Kevin Turton, Head of Art at Graham Budd Auctions, said “Whilst having traditional artists such as Damien Hurst and Picasso in the gallery,  it is important to support emerging talented artists.”

Tim Murphy, the Gallery owner, has been a collector of art since the age of 20 and following a return to the UK and the purchase of Graham Budd Auctions, developed a vision of opening an independent gallery that offered something different and that aimed at bridging the gap between the artist and collector.  Tim explained, “It is vital that this should be all about the stakeholders; the gallery, the artists and the clients.  It is important that nobody feels disenfranchised.”

Carla Raads, an artist, said, “It is hard to find your space in the right gallery where you feel comfortable around the other work with artists that are like-minded and where the artwork is curated very well and I feel it is an amazing privilege to be here.”

There was a passion that flowed through the whole gallery team, with the underlying sense that they wanted everyone to enjoy this space and want the gallery to be able to encourage people to come in and look.

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