Disruption of Late Trains from London

Henley Trains warning:

A rail bridge over the Thames near Abingdon is showing some instability following recent rains and as a result trains are unable to run between Didcot and Oxford – at least until 23rd April.

Unfortunately this will cause problems with late connections home to Henley from London, as the trains concerned normally continue up that route but are now cancelled.   The 2222, 2250 and 2318 fast trains from London which connect on to Henley are not running.

As far as we can tell, the last train that will connect to Henley at the moment is the Elizabeth Line service running from Abbey Wood through Docklands and the City to Paddington and Twyford.   This train arrives in Liverpool Street at 2224, and leaves Paddington DOWNSTAIRS at 2238.  It will arrive in Twyford in time for the last branch train to Henley at 0002 but with a long wait at Twyford.  Take a coat!

For a shorter journey time, take the 2227 GWR service from the Paddington Concourse (but allow time to walk to Platform 14).   This will deliver to the 2330 branch service.  Still a wait, but shorter.

If the walk to platform 14 is too far, there IS a last option to take the 2232 Paddington to Bristol train (looks like platform 5 normally but check) to Reading.  There are two services back from platform 13 there to Twyford which will make the 2330.

If you can park at Twyford or are happy to take a taxi home from Twyford, there are additional non-connecting services from Paddington to Twyford at 2330, 2350 and 0032.

The above are best endeavours warnings as we don’t want you to get caught out.  Please check train times and platforms before your own travel.

We’ll keep people informed via @Henleytrains on Twitter or join our mailing list by emailing henleytrains@gmail.com

Good luck!


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