Election Candidates Announced for Town & District Councillors

The list of candidates standing for the Town and District Councillor positions for the elections on 4 May have been announced.

10 existing Town Councillors are candidates again including Henley Mayor, Michelle Thomas and Tom Buckley who was co-opted on as independent Councillor in September 2021 after the resignation of Councillor Paula Isaac who has joined the Henley Residents Group party.  Councillors Lorraine Hillier and Ken Arlett are not standing as a Town Councillor this time, only as a District Councillors.

There are 8 positions in both the North and South Ward for the Town Council with 15 candidates for North and 13 candidates for South.

The list of candidates can be found below.

Henley Parish Councillors – North Ward

Chester Dalrymple
Sarah Furness
Louise Hastings
Gavin Jackson
Martin Levy
Tracy Scott
Pauline Vahey

Henley Residents Group
Tom Buckley (existing Councillor)
Gill Dodds
Stefan Gawrysiak (existing Councillor)
Rory Hunt
Sara Kandiah
Simon Paine

David Eggleton (existing Councillor)

Henley Parish Councillors – South Ward

David Adkins
Ian Clark (existing Councillor)
Lorna Dunlop
Hugh Legh

Henley Residents Group
Kellie Hinton (existing Councillor)
Tony Hoskins
Glen Lambert (existing Councillor)
Sarah Miller (existing Councillor)
Ian Reissmann (existing Councillor)
Rob Romans (existing Councillor)
Michelle Thomas (existing Councillor)

District Councillors

Conservative – Dave Adkins, Lorraine Hillier and  Hugh Legh

Green – Helen Fraser

Henley Residents Group – Ken Arlett, Stefan Gawrysiak and Kellie Hinton (existing Councillors)

Liberal Democrat – John Powell



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