Teenagers Set Fire to Rugby Post Protectors

A group of teenagers was seen setting fire to the rugby post protectors on Monday evening at around 7.00pm on Fawley Meadows.

The teenagers had gained access to the Henley Hawks riverside pitches and taken one set of the protectors from the posts.

Alistair Beynon, Commercial Director at Henley Rugby Club said, “It’s not just the cost of a few hundred pounds to replace the protectors but is the inconvenience of it all as the Minis & Juniors are still playing.  It is so unnecessary and frustrating. It is also really dangerous to burn these as the fumes could be inhaled.  The police have been contacted and have been sent images.”

If you have any information about this crime, please call the Police on 101 and quote case reference number 43230148108 101:0977308


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