Mayor Drops in to Eyot Easter Camp

The Eyot Centre has been hosting a four day Easter Camp this week with 20 young people enjoying water and land based activities.

With the river running high for the first three days, the activities were land based and included water sports skills training so that everyone was ready to get out straight out on the water when it was safe.

Henley Mayor, Councillor Michelle Thomas visited the camp on Wednesday.  She said, “I think a camp of this type is really important especially in place like Henley right on the river.  Introducing pre teens and teenagers to all sorts of different water activities is really important, not just rowing but canoeing, kayaking, bell boating etc. which they can take up earlier and perhaps one they can take up as a sport.  They have also been doing teambuilding which is great and being outside is really good for their mental health.  What is better than being out of doors and enjoying yourself? Eyot is really accessible – it’s just a hop, skip and jump across the bridge and they’ve got really modern and fantastic facilities and they received a grant for Oxfordshire County Council so that they provide free places for eligible children including lunch.”

Eyot Centre Manager Sue Perry-Whitehead said, “We were honoured to have Mayor Michelle drop in to our Easter Activity Camp at The Eyot Centre but even more pleased to welcome 20 children over 4 days from all backgrounds living in Henley and the surrounding area. The challenge of what to do for water sports activity when the river is too fierce was met wonderfully by our volunteer coaches. Canoe practise on ergo machines, team-building exercises, nutrition, first aid activities, outdoor games including football were all enjoyed. And finally on the last day, yes! we got out on the river! Can’t wait to do it all again in the Summer!”


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