New Solar Powered Bins Finally Installed

Two new compactor solar bins have been installed for a six month trial at Singer’s Park next to The Angel pub and at the ‘Top Shops’ on Greys Road.

The trial has been funded by The Henley Society who proposed the idea 2 years ago.  Originally the Town Council was proposing to put one of them underneath the tree at Henley bridge!  The Council agreed to put off the trial during Covid as it was thought the trial would not reflect the ‘normal’ amount of rubbish.

Henley Society Geoff Luckett said, “I am pleased that the two bins are in place now.  Our offer to pay was made two years ago so this has been a long road. The bins compress the rubbish put in by solar power and they send a message back to base indicating when they need emptying which should deliver savings in terms of manpower, truck usage and pollution and congestion reduction.”

The bins will be emptied by Henley Town Council Park Services and a review will me made after six months as to whether they should purchased by the Town Council.


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