Hospital Primroses Replanted After 9 Years

Primroses that were dug up in 2014 by volunteers before the old Townlands hospital redevelopment was started were replanted on Wednesday.

In 2014 Councillors Liz Hodgkin and Pam Phillips headed up the initiative and around 30 volunteers came to help.

On Wednesday there were volunteers from Henley Gardening Buddies, The Henley Society and residents of Laureate Gardens built on the hospital site.

Liz Hodgkin said, “It was positive statement we were making back then when they were about dig up all the old hospital and the beautiful open areas.  We thought let’s get them out and then bring them back which is a symbol of success of the Townlands Action Group.  I think about 25 people came along and I kept in touch by email.  Quite a few had moved or didn’t have the primroses any more but quite a few have come back today which is lovely.

Joan who was one of the volunteers in 2014 who came along to help.  She said, “We were originally asked to look after them for just 2 years.  After I came to help I then joined the Gardening Buddies and have been one ever since.”

Catherine Notaras who co-ordinated the replanting with Steph Greenwood, Townlands Patients Pathway Manager.  Catherine said, “It’s been terrific today and what’s really nice is the three groups of people so it’s really lovely.  I think we’ve planted around 100 primroses today.  We’ll be back next year as it will be a ongoing project.  It’s a lovely feeling and lovely space.  Thanks to Steph for co-ordinating this and it’s great to be doing something for Townlands.”

Photo from April 2014


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