Premier Inn Hotel Appeal Set for 10 May

Blocwork and Premier Inn Hotels Ltd are appealing the decision by South Oxfordshire District Council who refused their application to build a 5 storey hotel on Henley railway station car park.  The appeal date has now been set for 10 May from 10am at Henley Rugby Club.

Over 100 residents have made statements to the appeal as well as Henley Town Council and The Henley Society.

Henley Town Council have stated, “This application for a 5 storey hotel and associated bar/restaurant is considered unacceptable. The proposal does not accord with the Development Plan and does not deliver a high quality development that respects the context of the site. As a result it would be out of character with the surrounding area, the special historic character of the adjacent conservation area and the wider townscape. It would result in overdevelopment of the site and be overbearing and unneighbourly for adjacent residents. Although the Council would welcome a respectful hotel development with a smaller number of rooms and more appropriate design, this Appeal should be rejected. We strongly urge the Inspector to take that view.”

The Henley Society are objecting on five grounds; mass bulk, economy, architecture, parking and location stating, “The development would be unneighbourly especially its 5-storey height. By virtue of its bulk and massing the planned building is out of character with Henley in general and specifically the nearby area and fails to respect the historic character of the adjacent Conservation Area. It impacts Wyndale Close, Meadow Road and Upton Close. The building appears to be a standard offering from the Premier Inn corporate design book and shows no appreciation of Henley’s history, architecture or height of existing buildings. It is at the entrance to our rail station. This inconveniences not only our commuters who will have to park much further from the entrance but also to the planned residences of The Hub who have 26 parking spaces where the hotel is planned. This is an issue as it is the only spare parking capacity in Henley where we have regular instances of
our existing 4 car parks being full in addition to having many new developments in the previous and latest version of the JHH Neighbourhood Plan.”

The public hearing will be a structured informal discussion led by the Inspector. Residents who have made statements can at the discretion of the Inspector speak if they wish.

Blockwork have submitted appeal reports justifying their design, landscaping, sustainable energy and site not being a conservation area and CGI images showing the views from different areas of the town including from Henley bridge.

To read the full appeal documents go to



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