Summer Music Camp is Back!

Local Charity, Henley Music School will be running their hugely popular summer camp again this year.  The camp was generously funded through Councillor community grant money from District Cllrs Stefan Gawrysiak, Kellie Hinton and Ken Arlett.  It will take place on three consecutive days from 25–27 July at Badgemore School, Henley.  As with all of Henley Music Schools activities bursaries of up to 100% are available, pupil premium children and displaced children from overseas automatically have a free place.

There will be a huge range of musical activities for all ages.  For younger children aged 5 up there will be rhythm, singing, Kodaly, and instrument demonstrations. There will be specialist groups for children already learning an instrument – Wind Band, String Ensembles as well as Samba and Djembe drumming, aural and Theory.  Children will have the opportunity to try an instrument, and an option to sign up for lessons.  The camp will end with a concert for all families.

The Summer Camp was last held before COVID, and Laura Reineke, the founder of the charity has said that since the pandemic the music school has changed, from lots of lovely groups of instrumentalists, to many more individual lessons.  She hopes that coming together over the summer will encourage musicians to come back to playing together.  She said, “The best part of playing an instrument is playing in groups, you get to meet new friends, and immerse yourself right in the middle of some great music.”

To sign up please visit the website places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  For any further information please email Laura on

Laura adds, “At Henley Music School we believe that there should be no barriers in the way of learning music, with the cut in school budgets, and a squeeze on time where core subjects are concerned we saw fewer and fewer children learning an instrument, and less and less music taught in school.  So HMS was born, to provide all forms of music education to anyone, regardless of age, ability, background or means. With over 900 children and 100 adults involved in our wide range of musical activities we need over £60,000 a year to run, and the pressure on our bursary allocation is huge and rising rapidly along with the cost of living crisis we are struggling for funds.  Many would see music as an extra, but we truly believe that our children’s education should be varied, not everyone can be a mathematician, scientist or scholar, but without an all-rounded education we will never find the next Adele or Picasso.  Children are leaving school unfulfilled, anxious and unfocused purely because they haven’t found their niche.  We need to change that by giving opportunities for young people to discover their strengths, build their confidence and be the best they can be.”



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