Town Council Submits Plans for Flats & Sports Pavilion at Jubilee Park

Boddingtons Planning have drawn up outline plans for Henley Town Council to develop their land at Jubilee Park which proposes a four-storey building with 56 flats and a new three-storey sports pavilion for Henley Hockey Club and AFC Henley.

The flats will be built on the land next to Tesco behind the Henley Gate development where TG Gym and the Town Council depot is is currently located. 40% of the proposed flats would be affordable units making 23 units in total. The proposals are that 13 x one bed and 10 x two bed flats will be the split of units, and these would be spread out over the lower three floors.

The sports pavilion will be built on ground next to the current astro pitch with 82 car parking spaces. There will be some loss of green space on Jubilee Park but no loss of pitches. A new entrance to the pavilion is proposed on the right (opposite the current clubhouse).  The pavilion will have changing rooms on the ground floor, a meeting/social space on the first floor and a gym commercial space on the third floor along with treatment rooms for sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The pavilion has been designed in conjunction with both clubs.

The Town Council has undertaken to spend the proceeds from the sale of the housing site through a tender to fund a replacement clubhouse to modern standards.  They have also been working with the Football Foundation on the detail of the sport offering to ensure that the plans fully accord with their criteria and an application for the provision of a new 3G artificial football surface will be made.

The Town Council previously in 2019 proposed an elaborate clubhouse with separate facilities for AFC Henley and Henley Hockey Club which was to cost approx £3m and although the public consultation received a positive response in 2021 the Council paused the redevelopment because the plan showed a significant deficit between the sale and the build.

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