Boat Collector Tops Bids for Historic Regatta Trophy at Frenzied Auction

A prized silver wherry Henley Royal Regatta trophy from 1845 went under the hammer at an auction last week and after frenzied bidding, Adam Toop won it for the Rose Toop Collection.

The trophy was estimated to sell for between £400-£600 and after many bids, Adam’s bid of £3,000 claimed the trophy.

The Rose Toop collection is a collection of vintage wooden boats and associated artefacts which will go on display in a new boatyard to be built on the Wargrave Road (former Hobbs of Henley boatyard) which was given planning permission after the second attempt in March this year.  Adam said, “I am delighted that this important, early Regatta prize will return to Henley where it belongs and not gone overseas.”

The trophy was auctioned by Charles Miller Limited and is a realistically modelled sculling double with simulated planked and pinned hull with framing, seats, cross boards, adjustable footboards row locks and four sculling blades.  The trophy was made by Makepeace and presented by Mr Makepeace, for any amateur sculler residing within 12 miles of Henley on Thames

Henley Royal Regatta was founded in 1839 with the Silver Wherry Prize being presented between 1845-49 before being replaced by a silver goblet in 1850. There are three other examples (all by Makepeace) are held in the River & Rowing Museum, each for a different boats.

The records show that in 1845 the trophy was first won by G. Mann and F.M. Arnold of Caius College, Cambridge.



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