To Adopt A Dog, Or Not To Adopt A Dog: 3 Questions Worth Asking Yourself Before You Decide

There are millions of dog owners across the world. These cute canines have long been our favoured choice of pet, prized for their loyalty, intelligence, and trainability. However, owning a dog is a big responsibility, and unfortunately not everyone has what it takes.

If you’re thinking of adopting a dog of your own, there are a number of things you need to consider and questions you have to ask yourself. Don’t jump in without careful planning, preparation, and forethought, this could be a mistake and would be unfair on the dog. Before deciding to adopt a dog, check out these 3 questions that you might need to ask yourself.

Are You Prepared For The Cost?

Dogs cost a lot of money, this is almost unavoidable and it will likely continue to get more expensive. First your going to have to factor in the cost of the dog itself, pedigree dogs can cost several thousands of pounds.

Next, you’re going to need to think about food. Dogs eat a lot, large ones especially. You’ll be shocked at how much is added onto your weekly shopping bill when you’re suddenly feeding a hungry dog. Don’t be tempted by the cheap dog food, this can be harmful to your dog and cause them long-term health problems.

Vet bills are another cost you’re going to need to think about. These bills can be extortionate, especially if your dog was to need intensive treatment or an operation. To avoid getting in a tricky situation where you’re paying vet fees yourself, its worth getting insurance as soon as you get a dog, check out providers like Petsure to see whether the dog you want can be insured. As this can be an important factor in how much your dog will cost.

If your dog is a long-haired breed, you will likely need to get them professionally groomed. While it’s possible to do this yourself at home, sometimes is far more convenient to pay for an experienced dog groomer to give your pooch a trim.

Can You Commit To Regular Walks?

Dogs need exercise. While a small dog might not need as much as a larger dog, they all still require daily exercise.

The best form of this is walking your dog. This also tackles the issue of toilet training your dog, if you don’t have a garden where a dog can go, they may need to go out to the toilet during a walk. Not only that, walking your dog keeps them fit and strong, and provides them with vital mental stimulation.

Before deciding to adopt a dog, you must have plans in place to ensure they are getting walked at least once a day, or more for bigger dogs. This could mean sharing the responsibility among family members, or hiring a dog walker for the days you won’t be able to.

Is Your Home Safe For Dogs?

Dogs have inquisitive natures. They want to explore and investigate their surroundings and will happily bite or chew anything they find interesting.

Unfortunately, this can lead to dogs getting injured. If you’re home is not properly safeguarded and dog-proofed, there are various things can pose a risk to your pooch.

Exposed wires are a particular threat, these can cause electrocution or burns if your dog was to chew them. Certain houseplants can be toxic to dogs as well, so it’s important you look over your home carefully before bringing your newly adopted dog home.

You also need to make sure that your home and garden is secure. If there are gaps in your fence or hedge your dog could easily escape onto the street, where they could be at risk of a road accident.


Bringing a dog into your home can be wonderful decision and you’ll be making a friend for life. However, a dog is a big commitment. Use this guide and ask yourself these important questions to figure out if you are truly ready for the responsibility of owning a dog.


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