Gillotts AFC Henley Team Win First Tournament

Five Year 7 Gillotts School students who play for AFC Henley Hurricanes U12 competed in the Penn and Tylers Green Festival of Football as part of a squad of 8 in a 6 a side competition on Monday. The team from Gillotts was Jack Tookey, Gabriel Robbins Cherry, Harrison Carpenter-Buckett, Oscar Wallis Robinson and Nicholas Hernandez St Clair.

They played seven games, winning them all and thus going on to winning the tournament, this showed great team work, focus and determination. In total they scored 17 goals and conceded only 1.

Nicholas said “Well it was nice because we have never won a tournament before so it was a relief that we have actually won something for once because it’s been 5 years and every game we won was giving us more confidence and every time it was like we were getting closer and closer.”

This tournament was important for the team as they all enjoy football very much and have all been playing for many years. Harrison said “My family has played it their whole lives so I was kind of brought up with it.” 

The boys played with confidence and skill which led to a brilliant day at the tournament and helped them learn lots more about the game. Gabriel said “It’s prepared me for future games because we were the better team compared to everyone else but we still tried our best and that’s how we won, we didn’t just relax even though we were against teams in lower divisions.”



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