Town Ready to Celebrate King’s Coronation

The town is ready to celebrate the King’s Coronation this weekend with shops dressing their windows, the Town Council preparing Market Place for the big screen to be installed to broadcast the Coronation live and a giant King Charles III cypher (insignia) has been painted on Mill Meadows.

The bunting is up and the new Union Jack with the Royal Coat of Arms Town Hall banners will be installed.  Last week Henley’s dry cleaning company Reid’s of Henley came to the assistance of Henley Town Council by steaming the banners so they looked their best.  Reid’s dry cleaner Rory Dallarda stepped in to prepare the banners and said “It’s great to do my bit for the town ahead of the King’s Coronation.”

The 100ft x 100ft insignia can be seen close to the bandstand on Mill Meadows.  The project is a collaboration between a Henley Town Council and Origin Amenity Solutions Limited and Meadow Farm Studios.  You can watch how it was done here

Technical Sales Manager for Origin Amenity Solutions Limited, Simon Hughes who lives locally approached the Town Manager and offered their services and local photo/videographer Richard Pinches offered to capture the process with stunning photography and drone shot video footage.

Simon Hughes said,“ It’s great to do something for the local community for this auspicious occasion and I think you’ll agree the result is brilliant”.

Richard Pinches added, “When the Henley Town Centre Manager, asked if I could come and shoot the King’s new Royal cypher being created at Mill Meadows, I jumped at the chance, a great little project to be involved in.”

Paul Carey Town Centre Manager, Henley Town Council explained, “Henley-on-Thames has a unique connection to many Kings and Queens, Charles the 1st stayed at the Red Lion (now The Relais) a number of times in the 1640’s. It’s great to mark the Coronation of King Charles the third in this way and it looks superb.”

Henley WI have created three wonderful knitted and crocheted post box toppers outside Machins the Butchers, on the gold post box outside Cote and the one outside Waitrose.

The Relais Henley Hotel’s red lion mascot has been dressed up for the occasion with a cloak, crown and orb.  Owner Grace Leo said, “We wanted to celebrate the Coronation and also to make the hotel more eye-catching to residents to come inside and visit.  One of the ideas was to bring attention to our mascot, the red lion which is also the symbol of the lionheart and England.  We have decided to dress him up for different occasions so after the coronation we will be dressing the lion up for the Regatta.  Our Marketing Manager John Petch bought the decorations online and then had to crawl out on to the balcony from a guest room window to dress him.”

One of the many shops who have created special Coronation windows is Henley Scan on the Reading Road.  They have used old CDs, DVDs and cassettes to create a crown and King Charles’ insignia.  Owner Eva Rickett said, “We made both the crown and the King’s cypher out of old donated media.  The crown using CD/DVDs was created by Jane’s who works for us, she created the pattern like scales and then used minidiscs for the jewels and 35mm slides for the rim.  The cypher  ‘C’ was made out of box of audio cassettes. The ‘R’ had to be flexible – looked at films, tapes and negatives and the negatives were the best fit. The ‘III’ just happened because the film box was in front of me!”

The Town Council are running a children’s Coronation Trail to find crowns with letters on in 33 shops around town which when rearranged form a coronation sentence. Entries need to be given into the Town Hall by 7 May.  You can download an entry form here an entry form here.

The Town Council are also offering residents to apply for a Coronation coin.  You can apply here





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