HRG Win at Local Elections

Henley Residents Group District Councillors were all re-elected (Stefan Gawrysiak, Ken Arlette and Kellie Hinton) and they also hold the majority again at Henley Town Council at the elections last Thursday.

Lorraine Hillier who decided not to stand again as Town Councillor missed out becoming a District Councillor by coming in fourth place.

The Town Council will be made up of 13 HRG members of which five are new Councillors (Tony Hoskins, Sara Kandiah, Gill Dodds, Rory Hunt and Simon Paine), 2 Conservatives Laurence Plant (re-elected) and new Councillor Gavin Jackson and Independent Councillor David Eggleton.  Gill Dodds was founder member of HRG being elected in 1991 and was Mayor 2008-2009.

You can see the full results North Ward and South Ward by clicking on these links

The new Mayor will be nominated this week and will be invested at a Mayor Making ceremony at the Town Hall on Monday 15 May.



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