Power of Social Media Finds Missing Coronation Postbox Toppers

The Henley WI beautiful Coronation postbox knitted and crochet toppers outside Cote and Crew Clothing were removed on Sunday.  Thanks to social media though they have been returned after a photo was published on Facebook showing them on the doorstep of All Saints Church in Marlow.

Since the WI have started creating the toppers last year, they have seen a snowman taken from the Christmas one, playing cards in March for the launch of Ace Playing Cards and the Easter one taken from the postbox outside Waitrose.

Alison Engleby who is one of the WI members who creates the toppers posted on Henley Community Matters Facebook page on Sunday about the toppers being taken with many commenting how sad it was.  Dave Eggleton offered a reward for information and Lorna Dunlop offered to buy GPS trackers for new ones.  A Facebook post was published on Positively Marlow asking whether they belonged to anyone and were picked up yesterday by local resident Jenny Brown who went to collect them.

Alison said, “We were mighty upset to say the least when we found out the Coronation ones were taken, and wonder about doing any more. We even used cable ties this time to make them more secure so scissors or a knife were needed to cut the cable ties to take them. We have a few almost ready to go but will see what we do in the future. It is a shame that a few people can ruin the enjoyment of many. It’s brilliant news, they have been found and some kind person is going to collect them back. Power of social media. What an amazing story.”

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  1. Neil says:

    You do a lovely job and we very much appreciate it. What a shame that some don’t respect the work that goes in and the community spirit involved in placement.


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