Last Two Trees Planted for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The last two trees to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee were planted this week and topped off by the Mayor at Trinity School and The Henley College.

At The Henley College, Henley Mayor, Councillor Michelle Thomas said, “We’re here today because it was the Queen’s desire for everyone to plant a tree for the Jubilee.   The Town Council unanimously agreed to put these trees in all the schools and one on Mill Meadows and this project started with the primary schools and has worked its way up to The Henley College.  The reason the Parks Department chose Rowan trees was number one it is native but also it has the most interest all year round and the most nature friendly tree amongst all of the native trees.  I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed my visits to the college, this is my sixth visit and I’ve been lucky to share lots and lots of moments with students, including seeing Evita, lessons and even meeting an Ofsted Inspector which wasn’t so enjoyable.  I’m so proud of you and thanks for the wonderful year I’ve had with you.”

Student Alex said, “This is for the late Queen Elizabeth II.  She was a divine monarch of our country for 70 years.  The Jubilee was amazing and her death untimely.  This tree is to commemorate her Jubilee and her passing and Henley’s appreciation for the loyalty to this kingdom.  For future students I hope it represents what the Queen was to us now and for the future as a pillar of stability and support.”

Afterwards The Henley College Principal presented the Michelle with a bouquet of flowers saying, “We’re honoured that you’ve visited so many times and you’re a true Ambassador of The Henley College.  The whole of Henley is our campus just not our sites.  We all enjoy Henley including our students and staff and we’re delighted that you’ve been on our journey for the last year with us.”

The second tree was planted in the grounds of Trinity School in Vicarage Road.  The Headteacher and Head Girl and Head Boy joined Henley Mayor for the topping off ceremony.  Afterwards the Head Boy said, “It was lovely to meet the Mayor and to find out what she is doing in the community.”


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