TfL Consultation on Withdrawing One-Day Travelcards

TfL has launched a public consultation on withdrawing its Travelcard ticketing option.

It is considering stopping the use of one-day Travelcards covering Zones 1-9, which offer unlimited travel on buses, tubes, trams, London Overground, DLR, Elizabeth line and National Rail services in London within a single day.

For those people travelling from Henley into London on an adhoc basis to visit friends, family or for a day out in the Capital, a one-day Travelcard is the cheapest option.

TfL says: “We anticipate that, if TfL ceases to accept Day Travelcards, rail operators will also stop selling Zone 1-6 Travelcards. They do however determine their own products and services and have not confirmed their intentions.”

TfL estimates that scrapping one-day Travelcards will generate approximately £40m of additional revenue each year. The proposal comes almost 40 years after the Travelcard was first launched in London, on 22 May 1983.

London Mayor, said, “We are required to explore this because of conditions of Government funding settlements that have been necessary due to the devastating impact of the pandemic on TfL’s finances. Our funding agreement with government requires TfL to develop and implement changes that will generate between £0.5-£1.0bn per year of additional revenue from 2023.”

To have your say on this consultation write to by next Tuesday 23 May

More details can be found at Engagement to withdraw Day Travelcards | Have Your Say Transport for London (

  1. Kathleen Tutt says:

    I think stopping the one day travel card would be a great mistake since it will discourage older passengers & other shoppers, living outside London from visiting the capital and spending money in shops, coffee shops & restaurants and other tourist attractions. This will instead drive more people to shop online or visit other towns, thus causing shop & restaurant closures which will lead to the death of the city

  2. The Vole says:

    The Mayor of London wishes to punish those people who live outside his jurisdiction, for some reason. Having extended the ULEZ almost to our front doors he now discourages use of pubic transport.


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